It’s International Women’s Day!

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, let’s think about all the amazing women in our lives who have supported and inspired us. For me, one of those women is my great-grandma, Siggie Lodoen, the woman who gives her name to my company, Siggie Lodoen Sportswear.

Signa (Siggie) and her husband Nels were of Norwegian descent and they were the first entrepreneurs in my family line, staring their own company, the eponymous N. R. Lodoen company in Fargo, North Dakota in the 1940s. Here is an ad for generators they sold to farmers:

This zippy copy is clearly an indication of where my sister Beth got her copywriting skills!

Children of immigrants who came to America with nothing but the shirts on their backs, Siggie and Nels were married on Valentine’s Day in 1915 and worked together to start their business while raising their daughter (my grandma) and eventually their grandkids (my dad and aunt) as well. I love that Siggie was happy, industrious, and had a taste for the finer things in life. Here is her being happy with her sister:

Siggie Lodoen and her sister Florence Lodoen
What is on their heads?!

Siggie used to hate going back to the farm because the road was just dirt and she was afraid of getting her nice car stuck. So, when they knew she was coming, one of her brothers would go out and fill in the road by hand with buckets of gravel!

Siggie Lodoen and her siblings.
Siggie and her siblings.

Siggie Lodoen came from a family line of poverty and, instead of staying there, she raised herself and her family up out of that lifestyle to prosperity and abundance. Thank you Siggie for being an inspiration and a role model to me!

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