The Siggie Lodoen Sports Bra

Be Uplifted

Sports Bra for Larger Chests

Traditional sports bras have failed women with bigger breasts. A bit of lycra and elastic works fine for A and B cups, but women with larger cup sizes have never had the support they deserve: support that allows them to run and dance without pain, to move without self-consciousness. Women have never had a sports bra that could make them look good and feel good. Until now.

Honest Support

Flattering, Comfortable Design

True to You Sizing

Space-Age Technology

Socially Conscious

Innovative Fabrics

Why We Made This

It’s no secret that exercise has a direct impact on one’s quality of life. Unfortunately, “impact” is not a good thing when it comes to having a larger chest. After years of research and trials, we developed a sports bra that gives women with larger chests the perfect combination of encapsulation and compression. Bounce is minimized like never before, the bra is comfortable, and it’s flattering, too. Now women of all sizes can feel confident and comfortable as they exercise and maintain active lifestyles.

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“Women should not be limited in their activity by their biology.”

Jennifer, Creator and CEO